Create & Manage Fundraising DAOs

Daox is a solution that lets startups and investors form decentralized autonomous organizations which serve as advanced intermediaries.

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How Does the Future of Fundraising Look Like

ICOs and crowdfunding campaigns are easily launched using the Daox Platform or any Ethereum client.


Each campaign then forms an Ethereum-based Fundraising DAO featuring its own ERC20 token.


Each DAO holds the raised funds and is managed by the transparent voting of its token holders.

The Platform

The Daox platform is a simple and user-friendly interface that allows for the interaction with the Daox ecosystem, including creation of DAOs. The platform is already operating.

Create a DAO
Use Cases

Build a startup, incorporating and raising funds in a blockchain

Decentralized ICO

Run decentralized initial coin offering (DAICO), distribute your tokens

Round of investments

Raise a round of investments across the world


Get funds to produce and spread a message about your invention to the world

Even a residential complex

Fundraise for the first residential complex being owned by token holders

And Without Borders

Create a global company without geographical boundaries

Who can raise funds using Daox?

Daox is a completely open ecosystem, therefore neither developers of the Daox platform, nor any third parties can restrain the use of it.

How do I know the funds are safe?

First of all, each DAO created using Daox is completely independent and resides on the Ethereum blockchain. Secondly, neither the team of Daox developers nor any third parties have access to the collected funds that are stored in DAOs. Thirdly, the source code of Daox is open and we provide its detailed description.

Why do you need blockchain in your project?

The concept of a decentralized autonomous organization is only applicable using blockchain technology. Blockchain is also needed to allow the use of cryptocurrencies. There is also a detailed explanation of how we use blockchain and why we need it in our white paper (cf. 2.1).

Why do you need your own DXC token? Why can’t you use ether instead?

First of all, Daox-based DAOs are supposed to raise funds in ether, not in DXCs. The DXC token is needed to allow for the interactions in the ecosystem as it provides necessary functionality that can’t be implemented using ether (e.g. deposits).

When will the DXC token be listed on exchanges?

The DXC token is ERC20 compatible, therefore it could be listed on many exchanges. The actual dates of such events will be announced in our Telegram chat and other social networks.

What will happen with the unsold DXC tokens?

All the unsold DXC tokens will be burnt.

Should the project determine its spending plan in advance?

Not necessarily, the project can announce its spending plan and comply with it; however, project initiators can require a withdrawal of any amount from a DAO. If the request makes sense, investors will approve it. This kind of approach maintains the project’s flexibility.

Is it possible to return funds from a DAO?

Every token holder can submit a proposal for activating the refund mode. Such a proposal should be approved by 90% of the tokens, excluding the number of tokens distributed to the team when the DAO was created.

How does the application of a DAO reduce investment risk?

All the proceeds raised and stored following the principles of Daox are protected from misuse and unauthorized withdrawal. The finances are securely stored in Ethereum smart contracts and could only be used on project development. Therefore, scams and any other fraudulent activity are almost completely eliminated.

Why is DAO better than escrow?

In escrow, the adoption of decisions is centralized and the interests of some individuals may not always coincide with the interests of most investors.

What happens if someone gets more than 50% of all tokens of a DAO?

Not a problem. Daox-based DAOs only allow for withdrawals to the addresses of project initiators. Therefore, having 51% ownership gives enough power to approve any proposal to the team's addresses.

If we create a DAO using Daox, will we be able to issue our own tokens?

Sure. Each time a DAO is created using the Daox solution, separate ERC20 compatible tokens are created too. Besides the ERC20 and Daox functionality it is also available to add any custom functions.

Does Daox charge a commission?

No commission is charged when using Daox or during the crowdfunding campaign via DAOs created on the Daox platform. Commission is only charged when an investor comes from the catalogue. But it is possible to opt out from being listed in it.

Where is your company based?

Our company is being incorporated in Dubai. But we also have offices in Spain and Russia.

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